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SeaWorld Orlando Music Festival

On behalf of SeaWorld Orlando, we would like to invite you and your ensemble to perform as a part of our SeaWorld Music Festival at SeaWorld Orlando, one of the premier parks in the Orlando area, with more exciting roller coasters than any other theme park. The festival features a private entrance to the park (so you can enjoy all of the attractions in the park following your performance), adjudicated music festival performance, awards ceremony, and a clinic following your performance. We invite ensembles of every level of band, choir, orchestra and dance.

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  • Performance on stage in the Nautilus Theater
  • Festival Adjudication
  • Written and recorded comments from our nationally recognized adjudicators
  • Admission to SeaWorld Orlando
  • Festival Awards Ceremony in SeaWorld Orlando
  • Director’s Festival Guide
  • Director’s gift
Students $145.00
Adults $99.00